“Physical Attractiveness Bias in Hiring: What Is Beautiful Is Good” by Comila Shahani-Denning

“Physical Attractiveness Bias in Hiring: What Is Beautiful Is Good” by Comila Shahani-Denning Essay example
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Attractiveness is traditionally thought of as a plus point in almost all fields including education and hiring in several occupations linked with media. Attractive people are generally preferred over the unattractive ones even in jobs in which the employees have very limited encounter with the customers.


Nevertheless, the devil effect overpowers the halo effect for the women when the job becomes male-gender specific. Many people particularly women are not aware of the fact that their attractiveness counts as a negative feature while they are applying for a post.
(Shahani-Denning) says that while attractiveness can sometimes be unwelcoming for a woman in the job, it happens to be one of the virtues for the males, them being the stronger gender. In the conventional male dominated society, where a vast majority of the jobs are male-oriented, men who look good are privileged as compared to others that are not. On the other hand, attractive women are thought of as a distraction in the traditionally male jobs. Managers tend to prefer unattractive women over those who are attractive because the former are less feminine in their looks as compared to the latter. In addition to that, women attractive women are hired, the managers are likely to encounter more cases of harassment in the workplace. Attractive people are generally held accountable for mistakes that unattractive people are excused for. Therefore, in an attempt to avoid all these unfavorable circumstances, managers tend to see attraction as a weakness of the female candidates in the traditionally male jobs. However, in the jobs that are traditionally meant for women, like teaching and nursing, attractive women certain have an edge over the unattractive women.
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