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Copyright and Creativity Introduction Under the US law, copyright protects the expression of an idea, but not the idea itself, that can be established in a tangible medium. Thus, this protection includes the rights to use, copy, distribute and perform, in the case of the performing arts, certain works and is exclusively granted to the copyright holder of the work alone.


It is purported that copyright primarily serves the end of encouraging creativity, because of the inspiration it provides to authors/writers/creators and would-be authors/writers/creators that will see creativity as an opportunity to gain economic advantage as well as an acknowledgment of their talent. This claim, however, is being contested by those who argue that artists have been churning out great works of arts for centuries without the benefit of copyright protection. Worse, there are those who perceive copyright protection as an unwitting tool for stifling creativity as illustrated by recent cases where works have been prohibited from seeing publication on the ground that they infringe the copyright law. The question that is being contemplated by this paper, therefore, is whether or not copyright protection encourages or stifles artistic creativity. Background The US Copyright Law has its roots in the 1710, Statute of Anne, an English law that ended the monopoly of the Stationer’s Company by vesting exclusive right of books to their authors for fourteen years, subject to renewal. ...
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