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Name: Instructor’s name: Course: Date: RELATIONSHIPS IN SECOND LIFE AND HOW THEY CAN AFFECT REAL LIFE People build up relationships with each other through various communication sources, for example internet. Virtual worlds are like 3-D worlds, where people can create avatars.


The user has to make an account for his avatar, that is has to register, and after that these virtual worlds are accessible to them all year round at every time of the day (Heider, 47). Building up of relationships is an extremely important part of second life. Relationships can be personal or for business purposes. Relationships like in the real world are built on respect and trust in the virtual world also together with compatibility with each other. The virtual world relationships work well same as real life relationships (Mahar 164). The relationships which are connected with the virtual Second Life are like real relationships. There have been many instances where these virtual relationships have had a positive impact on people leading to success in the real life also. For example, Nina Allam was married to Sean Barbary in the second life. They had even created a virtual island for themselves to live. Allam decided to meet her Second Life partner Sean in the real life. She had been chatting with him since February 2008 and was about to meet him in personal. The CNN article reports her emotions as anxious and terrified before meeting her virtual life partner. ...
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