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Video game violence and children Student Name Class Title November 10, 2011 Video game violence and children The younger that a child is, the more impressionable they are. They are constantly subjected to concepts and behaviors that they gradually adapt for themselves.


Since children are capable of being impacted by these media mediums, it is also believed that they can be just as easily influenced by video games (Potter, 1999, p. 19). There are video games that are appropriate for younger audiences, but the most popular games are riddled with graphic and violent images, which can leave a lasting impression. This paper will look at the effects of video game violence and children. As children grow up, they look to the authoritative role models in their life to determine what behavior is or is not appropriate. Their young minds are impressionable and they constantly absorb new knowledge from their surroundings. When children are subjected to certain actions or behaviors, and if they are not properly coached in the differences between right and wrong, they are likely to repeat the actions or behaviors. The more that they witness certain behaviors, the increased chances they have at mimicking them. Impressionability is similar to the teaching methods found in classrooms in the sense that teachers display concepts that children repeat until they can do them on their own; however, unlike classroom learning, impressionability involves children adapting behaviors of their own accord without being prompted by someone else. In regard to video games, the more that children see certain actions taking place, the more they are going to imitate them. ...
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