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Violence in Media on Video Games

This essay approves that when children see people, whether they are real or the product of a virtual world, engaging in violent behavior without being punished, the children believe the same thing holds true for them. If they display violent behavior, they expect not to face consequences because the characters in their video games did not. Unless authoritative figures, such as parents or teachers, make it known that video game characters live in worlds where normal rules do not apply, children will behave as they want to and think they are invincible.
This report makes a conclusion that the impressionability of children can be a beneficial thing, but only if they are being influenced by appropriate role models. Video games are among these role models, though many are far from being appropriate. When children are consistently subjected to violent video games, they absorb the behaviors and actions and use them when they feel the need. Since video game characters seldom face consequences for their actions, children believe that the same applies to them. When their parents do not make it known that there is a huge difference between fantasy and reality, children learn to condone the behaviors witnessed in video games. As such, there has been a steady increase of violence and aggression among children, and the increase has been linked to violent video games. Parents need to take it upon themselves to make sure their children know the difference between right and wrong and fantasy and reality, and where their children stand in the grand scheme of things. ...
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This paper will look at the effects of video game violence and children.The younger that a child is, the more impressionable they are. They are constantly subjected to concepts and behaviors that they gradually adapt for themselves. …
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