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The interview about communication - Essay Example

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Journalism & Communication
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The first question I asked my friend is related to his view regarding the relations between communications and culture. He believes that communication and culture are closely intertwined with each other…

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The interview about communication

The first question I asked my friend is related to his view regarding the relations between communications and culture. He believes that communication and culture are closely intertwined with each other. In fact, my friend holds that the lack or non-existence of culture would result to the impossibility of the development of communication, historically and vice versa. He gives an example of the development of the human species. He explained that the earliest days of human beings were close to the culture of communication. Communication first started out as a necessity for collective survival of human tribes. Eventually, culture was developed as humanity developed communication skills. It came to a point wherein human beings formed different societies, created their own culture, and produced cultural distinctions and differences.
This leads to the next question regarding the method behind communication as a means to bridging cultural differences. My friend answers that finding a bridge between the cultural differences of people requires understanding the culture of others. Man must look and understand another culture for what it is without any preconceived judgments or prejudices. There is no such thing as a general application of one cultural aspect to another. Each culture has its own perspective regarding different matters or points of view. According to my friend, there is a tendency for many prevailing cultures to insist that their point of view regarding any matter applies, or should be applied and adhered to by other cultures. ...
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