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The Concept of Hegemony in Media Advertisement - Essay Example


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The Concept of Hegemony in Media Advertisement

Presently, we find that advertising and mass communications has started asserting immense dominance (hegemony) over the consumer section and on institutional facets of modern capitalist societies (Fox and Lears, 1983). Various researches conducted on the role of advertisements starting from around the 1970s, have showed that mass communications plays a strong role in manipulating and persuading consumers, without any apparent or visible force. Discussion James Fallows in one of his paper notes that in capitalist societies, like US, the chief objective of the economy is to increase the rate of individual consumption, and in the process elevate the overall living standards. He claims, "Economic development means more. If people have more choice, more leisure, more wealth, more opportunity to pursue happiness, society as a whole will be a success” (Fallows, 1993, 77). Based on this outlook, the advertisements in such societies are created aimed at attracting more consumers into buying their products, while simultaneously persuading their existent consumers to upgrade and buy more expensive products, something which is often referred to as the ‘consumer culture’(Goonasekera, l987). ...
In such societies where the advertisement have a hegemony effect over the consumers the basic quality of life is ascertained on the acquisition of desired items usage, dispensation and further acquisition of new objects (Inglis, 1972). Consumption and acquisition now forms to be a major power within a society

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that is based on consumerism, and mass media advertising has been criticised for fuelling a rise in global consumerism (that is influencing other societies, primarily the eastern culture that may not be capitalist in nature, yet are falling for the lure of consumerism) (Hedebro, 1982). In terms of communication, there are three major components: the communicator, the message, and the receiver. In consumer based/capitalist societies, “communication basically [is] a process of transmitting messages at a distance for the purpose of control….persuasion; attitude change; behavior modification; socialization through transmission of information, influence or conditioning" (Carey, 1989, 42). Thus, here we find that the main purpose of communicating through advertising is to transmit product related information to the customer, however in a manner that is lucrative enough to persuade the consumer to buy it. In this context, we will conduct a case study of an advertisement to show how information is conveyed in a manner that attracts a potential buyer. Case study 1: Heineken - Walk in Fridge Descriptive component What is the media? This is a TV and an internet based advertisement What is the content? The content shows a wife (hostess) from an apparently well-to-do family showing her friends her new


Concept of Hegemony in media advertisement Introduction  The term hegemony refers to dominance, which is indirect in form. It may be visible in instances where a state leader (hegemon) may impose differently implied forms of power, instead of decreeing direct army force (Hassig, 1994, 23-24). In ancient Greek civilisation, hegemony referred to the dominance of one city-state over another city-state, using political and military dominance…
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The Concept of Hegemony in Media Advertisement essay example
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