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Technology and Interpersonal Relationships

The fast-paced life of people today keeps human relationships on a standstill most of the time. The many things that occupy our time – family, school, building a career at work, etc., have made rushing from one place to another and always lacking time for everything common features in most people’s lifestyles. However, the human need to be connected to others is always present, and so people have turned to technology, specifically the internet, or mobile phones to fulfil this need. Family and friends have become more accessible and available in just a click of a button. The internet also offers a myriad of opportunities for meeting more people, relaxing with online games, sharing pictures and videos and an outlet to express innermost thoughts and feelings to share with others. The question of how technology affects interpersonal relationships is becoming a popular issue nowadays. The generation gap between the older people and the younger generation is broadening. Older people are accustomed to candid conversations with eye contact and are usually adept at reading body language and nonverbal gestures. The young people of today are very much into technological communication via texting, internet chatting, tweeting, etc. ...
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Effects of Technology on Interpersonal Relationships The passing of time certainly brings with it so many changes in lifestyle, communication and interactions between people. One of the most rapidly developing industries is the technological industry which shell out new gadgets every month or so to feed the seemingly insatiable hunger of technophiles and even ordinary people who just want easy access to information and communication…
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