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Communication Ethics - Essay Example


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Communication Ethics

One place where communication is quite essential is at the workplace since the success of a firm is dependent on the ability of workers to communicate effectively among themselves and between them and the management. Messages sent to the workers by the management should be concise and free from any ambiguity as ambiguous messages have different interpretations and the one taken by the recipient may not be the intended one. Business decisions are based on information obtained from one department to the other and the gravity of any errors cannot be overemphasized. In addition, company corporate communication should abide by all ethical requirements; the process of communication or the message content should victimize no one in any way. Importance of Communication Ethics: According to Adler and Jeanne (5), communication is a vital component of every institution that aims at making profits. It is, therefore, crucial that there be clearly predefined communication channels in a firm that employees, customers, the management and other stakeholders can use to relay information without running the risk of ineffective communication. Everyone in the institution should ensure that all business transactions, including communication are done in such a way as to minimize harm. This implies that the impact of the communicating process inside or outside the firm should have more benefits than harm. All the departments should communicate in such a way that people perform their roles without affecting those

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Abstract The hub of this paper is to know about the ethical codes of business and the importance of ethical practices in the real life. It also gives a brief idea on how to implement required ethical practices in business organizations? It has been rationally proved that practice of ethics within business organizations helps a lot creating constructive interaction with other organizations customers.
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Ethics has been related to honesty, morality and fairness in personal and professional lives of the individual (Dimitriou et al, 2011). A widely accepted definition of business ethics does not exist but author Lewis defined business ethics as rules, standards, codes, or principles which provide guidelines for morally right behavior and truthfulness in specific situations (Dimitriou et al, 2011).
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Ethics in communication
The paper discusses such controversial topic as ethics in communication. The researcher talks about the actual Malice Rule that has helped in solving many cases. The actual malice rule originated from the media as a measure to protect themselves from prosecution from statements published that were false.
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How has the evolution of the internet and ethics changed the practice of marketing communication
a premium on the welfare of consumers, the FTC has put forth two noteworthy doctrines, namely, deception and unfairness, which intend to give protection to consumers against unscrupulous marketing activities. Throughout the history of these two doctrines on internet ethics, the
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The reason is because that developing nations are going through tough times as per their developmental regimes and hence they do not have the required resources available at their disposal. They cannot fathom things which
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Communication ethics policy and law
It could be classified on the basis of its content, representations and significations. It means that there is no pornography, but only pornographies such as homosexual pornography, heterosexual pornography and child
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Communication Ethics - Philosopher report - John Rawls
Amongst his works, he is most famous for his A Theory of Justice (1971) which is regarded as a primary text in political philosophy. Apart from this, he has conducted a number of thought experiments related to determining principles of social justice. He is also
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The role of ethics in technical communication
such a way should fulfill the requirements of the readers and should fit the level of comprehension of the common readers without the major need of any special skills. Data contained in the report should not be misleading in any way. Figure fudging, picture editing and other
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The second principle is the ability of people to appreciate both verbal and non-verbal messages that are presented in the communication. Understanding these messages allows people to form relationship, develop those relationships and at some point, break
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Therefore, management ethics has been defined in a more specific manner as the adoption of an ethical modus operandi in all aspects of operations as
12 pages (3000 words) Essay
of others. This requires a certain degree of goodwill from all in the organization, be they employees, employers or other stakeholders. Finally, everyone in a business setup should exercise the maxim of reciprocity by doing to colleagues, bosses and juniors what they would not mind others do to them. For instance, a senior member of staff should not humiliate an intern in the presence of colleagues since the former would not enjoy if the same happened to them. Obstacles to Ethical Communication: The major obstacle to ethical practice in businesses, according to the Josephson Institute of Ethics (2002), is rationalizations, which are commonly made excuses for non-ethical behavior in a business environment. These rationalizations use universally acceptable ideas to explain not-so-ethical behaviors. First in the list is the assumption that if all people do something, then it is right. However, most common practices are as unethical as they can be. It is, therefore, crucial that one refrains from making popular but infamous decisions in the communication process. Another equally wrong rationalization is the one that misinterprets the rule of utilitarianism; a decision should not be deemed right only basing on the fact that it caused no harm. The ethical value of a decision should be based on its positive effect to those it concerns; focusing on the gains rather than losses not incurred. The other notable culprit in rationalization is necessity. Many people have the perception that if something should be done for the benefit of the business, then it is ethical. This is usually not the case especially if the implementation of the specific decision infringes into the private and ethical rights of those involved. Employee Ethics: Employee ethics can make or break any institution, and that is why every business should invest in training of employees on the dos and don’


Name Professor Module Date Communication Ethics Passing of information from a sender to a recipient is referred to as communication According to Adler and Jeanne (2). They further state that the communication process is only complete after the addressee has grasped the message being put across…
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Communication Ethics essay example
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