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Name Professor Module Date Communication Ethics Passing of information from a sender to a recipient is referred to as communication According to Adler and Jeanne (2). They further state that the communication process is only complete after the addressee has grasped the message being put across.


One place where communication is quite essential is at the workplace since the success of a firm is dependent on the ability of workers to communicate effectively among themselves and between them and the management. Messages sent to the workers by the management should be concise and free from any ambiguity as ambiguous messages have different interpretations and the one taken by the recipient may not be the intended one. Business decisions are based on information obtained from one department to the other and the gravity of any errors cannot be overemphasized. In addition, company corporate communication should abide by all ethical requirements; the process of communication or the message content should victimize no one in any way. Importance of Communication Ethics: According to Adler and Jeanne (5), communication is a vital component of every institution that aims at making profits. It is, therefore, crucial that there be clearly predefined communication channels in a firm that employees, customers, the management and other stakeholders can use to relay information without running the risk of ineffective communication. Everyone in the institution should ensure that all business transactions, including communication are done in such a way as to minimize harm. ...
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