Impact of the Turkish Language on the Turkey Culture

Impact of the Turkish Language on the Turkey Culture Essay example
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Impact of the Turkish Language on Turkey Culture Name Institution Name: Impact of the Turkish Language on Turkey Culture Abstract Language influences greatly on the culture of a people. The paper seeks to review the use of Turkish language as the medium of communication in Turkey.


The emergence and use of English in Turkey has also been discussed. English use has facilitated globalization and placed Turkey in the international scene. Christianity has also begun to spread with the increased use of English. The importance and influence of both languages has been extensively discussed. Introduction This report seeks to establish information on the impacts of language, cultures, and communication on a community. The report will analyze if language choice is a real choice in multilingual contexts, and more so considering issues like linguistic imperialism and language policy. In this report, the focus will be on Turkish language, and if English has been effective in Turkey. In the following part of the report, two sociolinguistic or intercultural issues will be reviewed in the context of the choice of language in this community, and how significant they are in their choice of language. These are language planning and language attitudes. There are several issues that influence a community or social network, and they include multilingualism, language planning, language shift, politeness, dialect variation, language attitudes, language, and gender. In its definition, a language is any set of defined regulations that can be used to put into words ideas, thought, or instructions. This has brought about variance in different languages. ...
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