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speech to inform and speech to persuade - Essay Example

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Majority of individuals are known to adopt this kind of diet to gain temporary popularity. Fad diet is considered not scientific as it…

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speech to inform and speech to persuade

Fad diet constitutes simple diets that contain one or very few elements like cabbage and cottage cheese. Other than weight loss, there are other reasons why people would stick on fad food and these include taking a certain food to cure some diseases, some ignoring some food believing the food is harmful to his/her health, eating certain food to fulfill some lifestyle, being lazy or tired to prepare proper meal at home (Lappe , 23-77).
This work tends to elaborate the disadvantages of fad diets. However, it is worth mentioning that this kind of diet also has got its good side. For instance, fast foods save a lot of time as well as effort to cook. The food is also cost saving since one does not incur the costs of cooking through buying the ingredients, fuel, serving utensils, and others. Instead, one walks to the nearby restaurant and picks the favorite fast food. It is convenient since there are no long lines to be served. It is considered reliable since one can get the same kind of food once he/ she makes an order thus there are no surprises or strange tastes experienced. Fast food is regarded fresh due to high turn over. Consequently, fresh food is made to cater for the high number of customers.
Sometimes one is left with no choice but to pick the fast foods, for instance, when one is on a tight schedule. In this case, one is advised to pick healthier foods like the salads, bread products, lean meat, and boiled food instead of fried ones. One should avoid carbonic drinks as much as possible and instead order plain water, juices or milk containing low fats.
The disadvantages of fad food include containing high sugar, fats or oil, salt and calories yet this are elements considered unhealthy when taken in high quantity as they cause complications like obesity, high blood pressure, among other ailments. Some fast foods contain high bacteria which are harmful to human life. Most fast ...
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