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Balance between local interests and national/international event on television - Essay Example

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If I am a news director of local television station and have to choose between news of park closures and the celebrity death, then I will choose the former. The purpose of a local television station is to satisfy the entertainment and information needs of its viewers. …

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Balance between local interests and national/international event on television

Balance between local interests and national/international event on television

Same can be said about the television station. But at the same time it will be financially unwise to ignore the death of the celebrity. If the celebrity news doesn’t get proper coverage, then the viewers may feel the television channel is out of tune with the outside (wider) world. In such a situation, a healthy balance has to be maintained between local interests and national/international event. This situation was recently faced by news channels in Great Britain. On one hand they had to cover the tragic story of massacre in Norway by the hands of Andrew Briewik. This incident had shocked the whole world and deserved not only proper media coverage but also great deal of analysis. On the other hand, famous jazz singer Amy Winehouse had died in her house. She had a troubled life and struggled to get rid of alcohol addiction. Both the news were tragic and deserved media coverage. The British media’s response to the whole dilemma was phenomenal. Although the massacres took place in Norway and Amy Winehouse died in London, more coverage was given to Oslo which was the scene of crime at that time. This tells about the ethics of the British media. The spirit of true journalism was not sacrificed for the other news, no matter how sensational it was. As I have said earlier, more coverage would be given to the news of park closures. ...
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