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Film Marketing Campaign - Essay Example

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Introduction The ability to appeal to the market is one which determines the outcome and success of a movie. The movie poster that is used is one of the elements that becomes important in the advertising and success of a movie, as well as the appeal which is created…

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Film Marketing Campaign

This resulted in a different approach to the movie and the outcome and demands from the consumers. Examining the specific aspects of this film then creates a different understanding of the portrayal that was associated with the poster of the film. Results of Film Poster A study was given to 12 random individuals to determine the success of the poster and the message which was conveyed through the film. The two largest areas where individuals had seen the poster advertised was online and through cinema trailers with all respondents noting that they had seen the poster advertised in at least one spot. An average of 65% of respondents had seen “Precious” from the advertising and release in 2009. The largest number that had seen the film was through a downloaded copy with only 11% seeing the film at the cinema. Most noted that the poster led the viewer to believe the genre for the film was drama with only 37% stating that they would want to see the movie by looking at the poster. The most common response to the poster was that individuals didn't know what the movie was about, what genre it was in or couldn't see if it really portrayed the movie. The actors that were noted in the film would cause an averge of 37% to want to see the film more with most having the same response to the film. ...
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