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Student's Name and Course No.: Professor's Name and University: Investigative Journalism (Individual Right to Privacy) 30 November 2011 (estimated word count = 1,142) Introduction Investigative journalism is a special form of journalism that aims to expose corrupt or anomalous practices in the government or on other matters of intense public interest.


Journalism is also a profession and as such is bound by its own code of ethics and the code of professional conduct. This means all accredited journalists have to follow the strictest guidelines on certain matters such as confidentiality of their sources and how information in their reports was obtained in the first place. Its primary purpose is supposedly to discover or uncover the truth in many diverse areas of public interest such as organized crime syndicates, government corruption or corporate shenanigans of which there are many examples. Investigative journalism serves an important purpose in bringing to light anomalous or unethical practices and policies in either the government or corporate world because it is a form of journalism beyond the usual purview of regulators, the courts or the police system. It aims to correct these wrong practices by making the public aware of them and influencing all those affected to mend their ways and find alternative solutions. This brief paper tries to seek and discuss the importance and drawbacks of this special form of journalism. ...
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