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Blacks and televised news - Essay Example


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Blacks and televised news

Most of the sections of the media that have a maximum of white representation, do better in terms of citizenship and attracting the masses, as well, leading to a poor contribution of black people to the news. Black people are stereotypically very outgoing and social and like to be portrayed by the media as yet another group or community of people who are waiting to be heard by the rest of the world. However, they are not able to reach out to the masses and are subdued when it comes to the local news. Local news channels have the ability to showcase whatever they want to; the broadcasters and producers of the channel or the show get to decide whether or not to represent certain pieces of the news and thus, because of this reason, black people are not able to gain much representation on the local news. Furthermore, the local news gives very less importance to crime news with white people and thus if there is black representation, it is mostly about crime and vandalism, because this is what flatters the US audience. Despite this, a number of black women state that, “Without a doubt black males, young and old, must be held politically accountable for their sexism. Yet this critique must always be contextualized or we risk making it appear that the problem of misogyny, sexism, and all the behaviours this thinking supports and condones, including rape, male violence against women, is a black male thing.” (Brooks, Dwight E.) Black women and men however are suppressed by the community and even

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Blacks and televised news
Adding to this, in many parts of the world today, where people are still discriminating on the basis of race, not all the local televised news has representation
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though they might have a very outgoing personality, they are not able to show case the same through the news. A lot of statistics show that black people as compared to white people have a 6:1 ratio of being televised because national and local networks portray them on channels and shows that do not require much intelligence. This leads people to believe that they are not smart or equipped enough. On the other hand, the national televised news has much more representation of the black community. This is because national news must be depicted as it is and the broadcasters showing these news pieces cannot discriminate on the basis of what may be or what may not be as important for the purpose of telecasting. Thus, this helps members of the black community to gain more and more representation among the national televised news. This helps to learn that black people have a more domineering attitude when it comes to the national scene. The reason that they are able to have their voices heard better on national news is because they cannot be discriminated against and have a very powerful attitude in inspiring people when it comes to the nation at large. For example, President Barack Obama is a black man and has a very dominant position in national televised news. He has excellent leadership skills and has been able to motivate all parts of not only America, but also the world in many ways. Thus, his attitude and skills help people to put faith in something and thus makes them want to view him more and more on the national televised news. Oprah Winfrey, a black woman, has also contributed immensely towards charities and uplifting of the American people in general. She is present a number of times on national televised news because of her various contributions towards the betterment and welfare of society in general. Thus, together, local


Name 23 November 2011 Assignment With growing tolerance towards being against racism and racist techniques, the media is increasing its rate of black representation. More and more black people are present displaying their culture and antics in the form of music, dance, news as well as other forms of the media…
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Blacks and televised news essay example
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