Michael Bay's "Transformers" (2007): Cultural Post-Modernism and the Machine

Michael Bay
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Firstname Lastname Professor Petit MDSA01 November 29, 2011 Michael Bay’s Transformers (2007): Cultural post-modernism and the machine The film Transformers, a 2007 action adventure film directed by Michael Bay with science fiction overtones, is about an alien race that has been created through the creation of robotic life forms that are sentient and capable of ‘transforming’ into utilitarian mechanized objects.


As the robot is the symbol of humanities’ desire to become as a god in creating a sentient being, the ‘transformer’, symbolizes the post-modern concept of power and divinity. The film ties its themes to heroism, the sub plots involving U.S. Marines as well as covert divisions of the government. The film Transformers is a post-modern study of culture as it explores the nature of good and evil as well as the consumer culture as it is oriented towards the encoded objects for the male gender. The film Transformers has within it the construction those things that are most often associated with the male cultural dream of perfection: oversized machines that are heroic, sentient, and vehicular. Cars are gender coded, the appeal of the car traditionally a high priority for men with women not having the same kind of relationship with their vehicles (Barker, 2004). Where cars are concerned, men have wished to personify them since they were invented, naming them after women, giving them personalities, and creating a sense of identity through the formulation of the body as combined with the ‘heart’ or engine. ...
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