The African drum of Tunde Komolafe: The drum as a textual object.

The African drum of Tunde Komolafe: The drum as a textual object. Essay example
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As Tunde Komolafe brought his drum into his new home in Hungary, combining his former heritage into his new heritage, he began a discourse that would lead to a global fusion of his culture and that of the Western world.


The drum took on different meanings as it travelled from place to place, his experiences on the streets of Hungary, at a wedding of London and in a park space all creating different responses that, although similar, created new a meaningful experiences. As Tunde Komolafe used his drum to express his culture, the object became a text from which fusion of cultures could be accomplished, a globalised discussion about how human beings can be very different, but still all the same in the way in which they experience celebration and joy.
The Object in its Space
The nature of an object is given meaning by the way in which it is used to communicate meanings that are relative to the culture in which they are used. Spatiality is the occupancy of a property to a space. This property will in turn have influential impacts on the beings and characters of the given space; be it living or non-living. From this we can ascertain that an item such as the African drum can have an impact on the way in which cultural observations and meanings are developed. Drums do not have the same meanings across cultures, but have universality in the way in which they are used to communicate within entertainment functions and in social functions such as worship or war. This aspect of the drum means that someone like Tunde Komolafe can use the drum to build bridges between cultures by using the Nigerian drum to entertain and to inform others about his culture. The African drum has become embedded in various cultural institutions as it has a connection that relates to the social practices that have developed in relationship to the meanings of the object. ...
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