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The way to live a better life - Speech or Presentation Example


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The way to live a better life

In this paper, we will discuss the importance of these elements for human health. Along with this, we will also recommend some ways to bring improvements in life style of a person. The thesis statement for this paper is that ‘proper care towards food, exercise, and sleep are very important for good health’. Importance of Food, Exercise, and Sleep a. Food One can never deny the importance of balanced diet for the health of an individual. A person should eat the required amount of food everyday in order to remain fit and healthy. However, one must not rely on any specific type of food rather a person should take balanced diet. It is because balanced diet provides all those vitamins and nutrients to body, which a body requires to remain healthy. Obesity is one of the main heath problems these days, which is caused due to intake of junk foods and juices. Childhood obesity creates many risks for the future life of children. Smith (1999) states, “Obese people do not live as long as other people” (p. 5). Some of the most common health risks or consequences of childhood obesity include increase in the levels of cholesterol in the body, joint pains, and decrease in the stamina. Taking balanced diet is one of the ways to escape from this medical problem. “A well-balanced diet provides the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients to keep the body and mind strong and healthy” (Secor, 2010). b. Exercise Along with food, physical exercise also plays a critical role in maintaining good health and physical

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fitness. Today, most of the people, particularly, young children, give less attention towards physical exercises and want to automate everything. They play video games and perform less physical activities. A number of benefits are associated with regular physical exercises. “The benefits of physical exercise for overall health may assist someone with living a healthier life” (Daniel, 2010). Some of the main benefits include weight control, effective in dealing with poor health conditions and diseases, increased energy, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, improved mood and mental health, strengthened bones and muscles, and reduced risk of early death. Physical exercises, such as, aerobics and weight training also help a person in dealing obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and joint pains. Man (2011) states, “The combined exercise of aerobic activity and weight training will result in your body having less fat and more muscle”. A person should give at least 10 to 15 minutes to physical exercises daily in order to remain physically fit. Along with physical exercises, one must try to do everything physically instead of using automated technologies. c. Sleep Along with food and exercise, the third important element of health is proper sleep pattern. Improper sleep patterns also affect academic performance of students. Researches have proved that those students who do not sleep properly get lower grades in their schools and colleges. Researchers have associated lower grades with a variety of irregular sleep patterns, which include shorter sleep duration, later bedtimes, delayed sleep phase syndrome, and later rise times. Some researchers have also studied the relationship between sleep disorders and cognitive functioning. Those students who have irregular sleep patterns perform low in exams as compared to those students who sleep more or less 8 hours a day. The reason is that if a child will not sleep for


THE WAY TO LIVE A BETTER LIFE Presented By [your name goes here] To [your goes here] [Your class name goes here] [Your university’s name] [Due date of the paper] Introduction Proper food, exercise, and sleep are very important in the life of a person…
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The way to live a better life essay example
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