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Name Tutor Task Date Japan is among the world’s most populated countries in the 21st century. The population of Japan is estimated to be approximately 125,000,000 according the recent population data available. Japan is a country that is made of several islands, which, are spread out in the Pacific Ocean.


Japan is preeminently an industrious country with a booming economy that has underwent numerous challenges over the decades. The major industries in Japan are reputably, electronics and automobile industries whose success has put Japan on the green light at the international economic stance. The Japanese products made their way to the international market after the Second World War with a high quality reputation and relatively low prices. The most significant industries that feature on the export of Japan are metal industry, aerospace industry, shipbuilding and biotechnology. The major problem facing the industries is the huge dependence on of raw materials from foreign countries. Japan is relatively inadequate supply of natural resources (kwintessential.co.uk). The economy of Japan is inevitably influenced by its exports and imports. However, Japan has a good performance in economic freedoms among them business freedom, property rights as well as, freedom from corruption. Japan has a well-established modern financial sector. The economics of Japan has one shortcoming, huge public debt, which is considered to pose a challenge in reviving its stagnant economy. In addition, the disparities between various segments of the Japanese economy have widened continuously (countrystudies.us). ...
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