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Popular Culture

The novel Twilight, with its central romance between a vampire and an ordinary teenage girl, also brings these emotions and feelings to the fore, as the lovers feel desperation, torture, the burn of forbidden love, as well as the pain of immortality and the loss of reason. Through it all, the vampires in vampire lore, and Edward in Twilight reflect societal consciousness, while assisting society in accepting that sometimes that which might seem evil is not really. Discussion The French Revolution was a period of despair, tortured beings, and forbidden loves. The desperation was felt by the peasants on the eve of the French Revolution, in 1789, as the peasants in the French countryside was increasingly subjected to undue taxation and social polarisation became a rising problem. At some point, the French peasants were faced with the choices of moving off their land or rebelling, due to a tax system that had lost all semblance of rhyme and reason.1 Meanwhile, they suffered a harvest deficit, and some farmers saw their livelihood wiped out during the harsh winters. ...
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Introduction Vampires have been a part of popular culture lore for centuries. These blood-thirsty creatures are the embodiment of feelings that we all have inside, and feelings that were felt by French society in the French Revolution. Just as the French peasants and noblemen and women felt a desperation – the peasants because of the desperate economic situation they were in, and the noblemen because of the eventual events that caused many of them to be be-headed – vampires reflect desperation…
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