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The emergence of internet along with availability of free digital content associated with it affected the demand for print media.It has long been an area of interest for all stakeholders associated with content creation


There have been observable impacts on magazines and newspapers and related print media after free digital content became widespread. One can expect that free digital content would eventually cannibalize entire sales of print media. Introduction Print media refers to all means of dissemination of written information, which includes newspapers, periodical publications and books. Print media has evolved into new forms of newer forms in recent years like free newspapers and targeted magazines for specific population groups. Print media is generally perceived to have receded in the late twentieth century and early twenty-first century. The phenomena of diffusion of the press is taking place at a rapid pace while distribution of newspapers and magazines is decreased by 2% in 2003 (Dijkstra, Buijtels and Raaij, 2008). According to some estimates, the reduction in print media is around ten percent over a ten year period (Dijkstra, Buijtels and Raaij, 2008). Internet is referred to as a worldwide system of computer networks which is based on the use of routing of data and information in electronic form. Internet forms a global information space and is the physical basis for the World Wide Web and many other systems for data transfer. At the present time the internet is fastest growing medium and it is used in everyday life. ...
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