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This is because the topic is a sensitive on among certain communities present in the campus the paper is situated. Advertisements are hypothetically expected to have a positive impact on the audience. They are also expected to be sensitive to the issues affecting the community (Sheehan 178). Therefore, it is wrong for the university to run the advertisement on holocaust.
The holocaust was an infamous historical period, which affected the Jewish community in Europe adversely. Therefore, the event is bound to raise strong emotions predominantly from the Jewish community in the campus. Since the period had grave consequences for the community, there should be sensitivity when approaching the issue (Shimp 319). This is because, as a journalist, it is imperative to consider the impact of the communication on the community. Therefore, it is morally incorrect to run this advertisement judging from the reaction that may be experienced from the community. Not running the advertisement will avert eliciting negative reactions from the community (Tyagi and Kumar 328).
Advertisements are powerful tools for persuading the public to adopt certain mindsets. Therefore, it is imperative that journalists appreciate the significance of these communications among the community. If this is the case, moral considerations should be key in advertisements to avoid eliciting negative reactions from the ...
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This is because advertisements aim to persuade the audience to adopt the point of view being promoted by the advertiser (OGuinn, Allen, and Semenik 236). This method is…
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