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Why marijuana should be legalized - Essay Example

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Why marijuana should be legalized

Thesis: Marijuana is a drug; however this drug is similar to drugs that are already legal such as caffeine and tobacco. Many with health problems can benefit from the use of marijuana and marijuana is safer than most commonly prescribed drugs. The Legalization of Marijuana To much of the public, marijuana is known as a drug. To those who use marijuana, it is known as medicine. This medicine does many things and helps many. Marijuana is used to treat cancer symptoms and eating disorders, and that is just the start of the benefits marijuana has to offer. Overall, it is believed that a large amount of time and money is wasted by drug task force agencies in the aid to prevent the sale and use of marijuana. Legalizing marijuana would lessen the need to waste funding on these agencies. Marijuana is a drug; however this drug is similar to drugs that are already legal such as caffeine and tobacco. Many with health problems can benefit from the use of marijuana and marijuana is safer then most commonly prescribed drugs. To understand why some would like for marijuana to be legal, it is important to understand the history of marijuana. Marijuana is an all natural plant that grows naturally. Marijuana in its natural form is said to date back to 2737 B.C. Throughout history marijuana was used to create a euphoria effect. In 1942, marijuana was listed by pharmaceutical companies and used to treat many different disorders. Not soon after the drug was used for common medical problems was it then labeled in the same drug class as heroin. The government then banned marijuana claiming it was a “gateway” drug. Marijuana was at one point legal, just like many other commonly known drugs. Since marijuana is used for medicinal purposes, it needs to be treated like other prescription drugs. This means, keeping it in a safe area, and only using when prescribed. Those who have abused the drug and shared with teenagers could have contributed to harsh government regulation which caused the ban of marijuana in the first place. It is important to be smart with any and all prescription drugs. This is why with the correct amount of education, marijuana should again become legal and used for its created purposes. There is so much money spent by American, Mexican, Canadian and other authorities to try and prevent the growing, use and distribution of marijuana. The amount of money spent by America alone is billions each year. For a government trying to make budget cuts, legalizing marijuana would free up a large amount of money that could be used to get America out of debt. This billions of dollars doesn’t even cover the cost of inmate housing. Since distribution, possession and use of marijuana is punishable by jail, many are sent to prison because marijuana is illegal. Punishing those who use marijuana only creates more spending to house inmates and contributes to prison overcrowding. Eating disorders and cancers are another common problem that marijuana helps with. Those who suffer from bulimia, anorexia, and lack of appetite from chemotherapy, benefit from using marijuana. Marijuana allows the brain to tell the body that it is hungry and may be the only thing that works to help those who normally would not be able to eat. Legalizing the use of marijuana for these disorders improves the quality of life and betters the chance of survival for the ones battling the disorders. Marijuana creates euphoric effects. These euphoric affects help many concentrate. Those who struggle with ADHD, ADD and who are generally excitable can use marijuana to relax and better focus. This is much safer to use then commonly prescribed medicines such as Aderal, Ridalin and anti anxiety medications. Many commonly use medicines used to help people concentrate have caused heart attack and ...Show more


Title: The Legalization of Marijuana
Purpose Statement: The Purpose of this speech is to inform as to why marijuana should be legalized. …
Author : matilde20
Why marijuana should be legalized essay example
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