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Comparative Speech Analysis - Essay Example


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Comparative Speech Analysis

There needs to be a lot of rationalization in a persuasive speech. The main purpose behind a persuasive speech is to get the opinions of the speaker to the listeners with enough rationalization so that the listeners do not raise any questions. The quality of the introduction of the speech by Hillary Clinton is very convincing. The speaker thanks her supporters at the start of the speech and says that she is proud to be the senator and proud to be the supporter of the President. She delivers each and every word very clearly and distinctly which can be regarded as a very positive attribute of the style of the speaker. The speaker then proceeds by providing rationalization for her current position in the politics. She tries to persuade the listeners that she is grateful for her current position and that she will sincerely perform her duties. The speaker then provides the conditions of health services and education in the U.S. and says that she is determined to make the conditions better. The speaker then presents the economic conditions of the country and promises that she would work hard to sustain the American dream and to bring the economic strength back. The way she presents all these facts and figures followed by her plans to make the conditions better attract applause from the audience which is a sign that the listeners are paying attention to her words and accepting the claims by the speaker. Therefore, it can be said that the quality of the body of the speech was very convincing too

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as each fact was presented very clearly followed by the plans of the speaker. Each point was said very clearly and sufficient rationalization for each point was given to the listeners. This can be regarded as another positive attribute of the speaker’s ability to give a convincing persuasive speech. At the end of the speech, the speaker’s tone became a little aggressive and it emanated the emphasis on all the points that had been delivered in the speech. This is also an attribute of an effective persuasive speech because at the start of the speech, listeners need to be given enough reasons to respond to the speaker and after all the rationalizations are given to the listeners, the speaker can make use of an aggressive tone to end the speech at a high note and to ensure that the listeners remember the points given by the speaker. The speech by Barack Obama that would be analyzed was given by him in Philadelphia at Constitution Center. The speech was is titled ‘A More Perfect Union’ and it focused on the matters of racism in America and the roles of unity and equality for the progress of America. The quality of introduction was not as remarkable as that given by Hillary Clinton because it sounded a bit too formal. The speaker started the speech by thanking certain persons and directly transitioned towards the main theme of the speech. Initially the speaker presented the historic facts regarding the independence of America. The speaker condemned the slave trade in the past and said that the independence was not complete because the founders allowed the slave trade to continue. The speaker then provided certain facts that supported the main theme of the speech. The speaker referred to the basic constitution of the United States that provided that all the citizens would be given equal rights. The speaker continued


[Instructor Name] Comparative Speech Analysis The two speakers who would be compared in the following paper are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Both the speakers have a distinct style of speaking and due to their position in the current politics of the U.S., both the speakers have given a number of speeches at a number of different events…
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Comparative Speech Analysis
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