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[Name] [Course Title] [Instructor Name] [Date] Comparative Speech Analysis The two speakers who would be compared in the following paper are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Both the speakers have a distinct style of speaking and due to their position in the current politics of the U.S., both the speakers have given a number of speeches at a number of different events.


There needs to be a lot of rationalization in a persuasive speech. The main purpose behind a persuasive speech is to get the opinions of the speaker to the listeners with enough rationalization so that the listeners do not raise any questions. The quality of the introduction of the speech by Hillary Clinton is very convincing. The speaker thanks her supporters at the start of the speech and says that she is proud to be the senator and proud to be the supporter of the President. She delivers each and every word very clearly and distinctly which can be regarded as a very positive attribute of the style of the speaker. The speaker then proceeds by providing rationalization for her current position in the politics. She tries to persuade the listeners that she is grateful for her current position and that she will sincerely perform her duties. The speaker then provides the conditions of health services and education in the U.S. and says that she is determined to make the conditions better. The speaker then presents the economic conditions of the country and promises that she would work hard to sustain the American dream and to bring the economic strength back. ...
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