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Buying School Clunkers Make More Sense than a Brand New Car

There was no way she was getting a brand new car with a budget of only $10,000 to cover the cost of the actual car and the repairs it would be needing. I spent the week with the Henderson's as they went clunker shopping and restoration cost canvassing over the weekend. “Times are hard and Janine has to realize that priorities have to be set. Not everything that she owns has to be brand new. It just has to still be functional, “her father Dean explains as we sit on the porch of their family home, sharing a cup of hot coffee while waiting for Janine to finally join us so we could hit the road. “Her friends have tried to make her feel bad about not getting a new car like they did, but Janine understands that fixing up a clunker is all our budget can afford. Her new car will have to wait till she can afford it. ” Romy Chua of Autoworks Buy and Sell agrees with Dean. “Most 16 year old kids don't need a brand new car. What they do need is the experience of maintaining an old clunker that can teach them lessons about maintenance responsibility for their future cars. Clunkers may look like they should be retired because they need some body work or does not have the latest bells and whistles but with proper maintenance, it gets the kid from point A to point B. That is all that should matter to them at their ages. ...
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Sara Watson LA: 280: Perspective Journalism December 5, 2011 Feature Story Buying School Clunkers Make More Sense than a Brand New Car Nut Graph: Janine Henderson, age 15 finally wore down her parents and convinced them that she simply needs to have a car for her upcoming 16th birthday…
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