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Question 1 Since its invention, television has captivated audiences with groundbreaking comedic, dramatic and reality series. While each generation has its own most popular shows, American society saw a shift in the types of television programming being offered to viewers.


According to McMurria, neoliberal citizenship creates a false reality within television audiences. While in reality, neoliberalism represents a society where the wealthy continue to grow in riches and the poor only continue to fall into deeper poverty, the role of neoliberalism in television creates a false reality where viewers feel that they are seeing special circumstances versus a daily reality that many Americans face. Along with the social influences of neolibearlism, this notion can also be applied to Ouellette and Hay’s theories on how television can play the democracy game in public and private partnerships. Before discussing how this happens, it is important to first define what Ouellette and Hay’s theory of the democracy game entails. According to the authors, the democracy game speaks about the integrated role of television in the nation’s political scene. The focal point of this idea centers around the fact that the American public is generally more interested in social entertainment versus actual politics. By giving such incredible power to entertainment venues, the political world has taken notice and understands that combining forces with the entertainment world can bolster their efforts within the realm of public view. ...
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