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Mass media refers to the transfer of knowledge and information to an unlimited mass audience. Phones or cell phones may not usually be considered as a mass medium; this is because telephones are the device meant for only two way communication between two or more than two people. Previously there have been only six categories of mass media; that is, Print, Recordings, Cinemas, Radio, Television and the Internet. Now a new category has been introduced in the mass media, which are cell phones. Cell phones are now being considered as the seventh mass media channel; also called as digital media. Cell phones are the only mass media that are always carried by the user. They also provide nearly 100% accuracy regarding the audience and that every content that has ever passed through the device could be traced back; whether it is calls, messages, or any other media content such as movies, videos, or music. In ancient times the Church was the sole source of information for the people. The Church had the complete power over the minds of the citizens and was very powerful. They were the ones responsible to disintegrate the information in whatever form and style that suits them. After the Gutenberg’s invention of metal movable type, books became widely available. They were then the source of knowledge and information. ...Show more


Course: Instructor Name: PARTY PRESS: CELL PHONES AS MASS MEDIA Mass media refers to the technologies, and methods used to convey a message to a large number of audiences. These could include television, radio, books, magazines, newspapers, records, cinemas and now the internet as well…
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