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Computer Dependence: The Effects - Essay Example

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Humanity has been so dependent with the vast powers of computerization that it can be assumed that it cannot live a day without it. Computer Dependence: The Effects Computer is a relatively new invention, but its use has been predominantly felt just recently. It seems just a few years back where people used to send letters and telegrams, now there is emails and instant messages. It is almost unheard for an average person not to use their mobile phones, laptops, or printers. Humanity had come a long way in worldwide technological advancement. But is this accelerating development of personal technology a good thing? Would the world as people know it today suddenly came crashing down once all this computerization has vanished? Computers today have become an inseparable part of every person’s live, making the difference not just at the work place, but also in the personal live. Many people today are enjoying the benefits of internet, cellular phones, e-mails, e-shopping, and almost everything electronic that is trending the nation. However, one main concern is that people no longer need to relate with one another for information, social interaction and other services the internet can now provide. Others even think that computer modernization can be a threat to ethical, moral and even religious values. True enough this computer age brought about a lot of controversies. But as the famous saying expressed that “with great power comes great responsibility,” it is up to the people to use and harness the power and develop any technology or entity wisely (Brenner, 1997; Chou, Condron, & Belland, 2005). No one can question the great deal of benefits humanity enjoys from computer technology. Computers do make human life easier. Just from switching channels, technology makes it possible with remote control. One word that comes hand in hand with technology is convenience. This by far is the greatest contribution of this advancement. People no longer need to write letters and wait tediously for our loved ones to receive it. All that is needed is some computer access (which practically is everywhere), and talking to people in real time is easy ad even cheaper than talking through telephone lines. Video call is now possible, a technology that can even make the conversation easier through the use of cameras on both parties. Transactions of different kinds can be undertaken online. Online banking is now a trend in the world of finance. Shopping also has a counterpart in the technological world. Nowadays, people can purchase products and merchandises online. Even the process of booking flights for travelling can be done through the internet. Virtually anything can be done through the worldwide web and its prowess is limitless and continues to unfold. Scientists are finding ways on how the population can fully exploit the potential of this technology (Chou, Condron, & Belland, 2005). As much as there are good things that go along with technological advancements, there are also tons of disadvantages that can come with it. Because anything can be done virtually, less human interaction poses one major problem with computer advancements. People need not to go out of the house to meet with friends and relatives because of the increasing popularity of social media and interactive video calls. Humans are not made in that sense thus rational and social beings. People need actual physical contact to be able to optimize human interaction. Imagine a world where human to human interactions are scarce, much ...Show more


Computer Dependence: The Effects Name University Professor Course Date Abstract People are becoming increasingly dependent on computers. The present age is famously known as the computer age. And the people stand by the name. Almost everyone is computer literate…
Author : simonisgarret
Computer Dependence: The Effects
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