Public Relations effectiveness and application

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Public Relations effectiveness and application Student’s Name: Institution’s Name: Course: Public Relations Effectiveness and Application Introduction Public relations is defined as either an art or science applied in establishing a good and favorable relationship with the public.


Public relations in normally offered free of charge to create public understanding and acceptance. Public relations, therefore, target a wide group of people in the society. These include the employees, investors, the media, the sponsors’ supplies of the company and the community around. In this research, therefore, I seek to explore how companies ensure effective planning and execution of public relation. BBC’s promotion of the new series of Spook Public relations is a major tool that a company or an organization uses to create credibility with the public. Media coverage attracts quality prospects, avoid competition and make an organization a player (Smith, 2011). This is the reason the writers of spook decided to carry out their promotion program on the media. Spook is a drama series that was being run on the BBC news channel in an effort to make the public understand the effect of complex relations that existed between the United States, United Kingdom and Iran. The drama ran on the channel for a decade after which it came to an end registering high number of public viewing of close to six million audiences. This number of audience viewing was registered as a result of good public relations created by the media. To create good relations with the public, an organization has to set its objectives which will define the organization’s target and vision. ...
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