How White Lies in Marriages Can Be Good for Your Marriage - Research Paper Example

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How White Lies in Marriages Can Be Good for Your Marriage

In an effort to safeguard your partner from seemingly unimportant or potentially embarrassing issues, people will at times tell “white lies.” These small, insignificant lies are meant to protect the feelings of your partner. A classic example of a white lie includes a person saying they like something when in reality, they might not but, say so in order to keep their partner happy. These instances generally concern a situation that is no big deal in relation to the grand scheme of life’s concerns. In translating this idea to a more academic realm, this literature review is going to analyze research on the importance of trust and communication in an interpersonal relationship. What happens when white lies are told? Is it better to always tell the truth or to safeguard the feelings of your significant other by telling them a simple, unassuming lie? The aim of this literature analysis is to determine if the practice of telling white lies can lead to more serious transgressions of trust within a relationship. The following ten journal articles will divulge this argument of white lies in a relationship to determine whether or not they help or harm a relationship. In order to discuss the literature surrounding this argument, this analysis will review articles about trust and deception within relationships. ...
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Running Head: HONEY, I LOVE YOU SO, I NEED TO LIE A LITTLE BIT 1 Honey, I Love You So, I Need to Lie a Little Bit: A Literature Review Discussing How White Lies Can Be Good For Your Marraige Name Here School Name Here HONEY, I LOVE YOU SO I NEED TO LIE A LITTLE BIT Most marriage vows consist of promises to be honest in a relationship…
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