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Name Instructor Task Date Introduction Twitter is responsible for revolutionary impacts on human communication. The existence of Twitter has revolutionary altered customary or subject cultures in means of communication. This paper states research results analyzing micro blogging’s use of semiotics as a method of word-of-mouth for division of user opinions concerning Twitter.


Analysis of timing, content intensity of occurrence, and the range of use in semiotics in the students’ tweets for curriculum change, is carried out using the approach of case study. The findings of the research were that about 40% of the tweets were positive about study groups conducted. Of the study groups, micro blogs about 42% had semiotic expressions about study group sentiments. In these, more than 60% were encouraging and the rest were posting critics about the study groups. Analyzing the micro blogs use of semiotics for composition and organization, the language composition of tweets approximated the language patterns of natural linguistic expressions. Findings show that, semiotics’ use in micro blogging is a tool used online for students’ word of mouth expressions. A discussion that schools should use the micro blogs as part of their education curriculum corresponded to this fact. The definition of social network is: “Websites which enable persons to create a free or communal profile bounded by specific rules of a system, be able to see a list of other bloggers who they share something in common and be able navigate through their list of links and those created by others bloggers within the structure”. The temperament and structure of semiotics usually varies from one website to another. (Boyd D, 3). ...
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