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Persuasive Paper: Benefits of Silk Soy and We Need More Products - Speech or Presentation Example

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Persuasive Paper: Benefits of Silk Soy and We Need More Products

Soy and its’ health benefits have been studied extensively. It is very similar in taste and texture to cow’s milk without lactose, and is often fortified with calcium and vitamin D. Being created by a vegetable source means that individuals who aren’t able to tolerate or digest animal products can consume soy products. It is also of benefit to vegetarians, providing vitamin B12 that they cannot get without meat products. Both soy milk and vitamin D milk are the only reliable sources of Vitamin D within the dairy products group. Vitamin D is naturally created in the body from the conversion of vitamin C in the sunlight. Those who are pregnant, on certain antibiotics or have sensitivity to the sun from other reasons can obtain vitamin D from milk or soy milk. In comparison soy has been found to be beneficial when compared to cow’s milk in cardiac studies. It has been shown to reduce serum concentrations of cholesterol, lipoproteins and triglycerides. Theories have been suggested though it is not completely clear by which mechanisms this is accomplished. Cholesterol absorption may be altered or impaired (Montgomery). Because of this individuals who replace their Vitamin D milk with silk soy milk and have high cholesterol levels will see the greatest improvement. Only 1-2 cups of soy each day are needed to make a difference. These claims have been substantiated by the food and drug administration in 1999 with clinical research studies. In 2002 studies showed that soy protein helped control hyperglycemia and reduced body weight, hyperlipidemia, and hyperinsulinemia. These factors are contributors of blood sugar levels and may be useful for diabetics and non-diabetics alike. Cow’s milk, in comparison, contains vitamin D which is a known factor in controlling and preventing diabetes while also containing cow’s protein which has the opposite effect (Simpson). Cancer research and prevention is another area which has studied extensively the benefits and prevention provided by soy. Genistein, a chemical in soy, has been shown in both breast and prostate cancer to be beneficial and reduce the risk of. Genistein works by preventing tumors from creating blood vessels that would nourish cancerous growths (Montgomery). Symptoms of menopause are also thought to be improved by soy products and consumption. Chemicals in soy called phytoestrogens are being researched to determine if they show use in acting similar to estrogen, providing women with protections from bone loss and calcium balances within the body. Studies have thus far shown benefits in women consuming soy who are menopausal that have not been shown in healthy average aged menstruating women (Montgomery). Soy formulas are now being used more with infants, sometimes as it is discovered that there is a lactose intolerance or the infant may have a temporary condition such as diarrhea that make soy a better choice. Soy offers advantages over milk based formula in these instances only, meeting an infant’s growth and nutrition requirement, but not showing any advantage over milk based formulas normally. Soy is suitable in other cases as well. Those trying to lower their caloric intake benefit as soy milks contain fewer calories than cow’s milk. It is also good to be used when an increased amount of protein is desired, such as the case with those trying to gain ...Show more


Benefits of Silk Soy vs. Vitamin D Milk Soy products originally come from soy bean, a subtropical plant that is native to Southeastern Asia (Soy (Glycine Max). It was estimated in 1995 that over 12,000 food products were available that contained soy and the sale of soy products increased more than 82% in 1999…
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Persuasive Paper: Benefits of Silk Soy and We Need More Products essay example
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