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Sex and Violence in Popular Culture

The paper focuses on the influence of popular culture on the controversial societal issues like sex and violence. Before going on the discussion, the terms sex, violence and popular culture will be defined first as the meanings contribute to the understanding of the subject matter. Sex is usually equaled to gender as they are interchangeably used in everyday conversations. In reality, sex and gender are different. The former relates to physiological characteristic as the latter is a social concept. Sex is also an act that shows physical contact for procreation. Gender depends upon sets of social norms affected by culture and tradition that set apart males from females (Wilson 1-2). The other term to define is violence. Violence responds to conflict as harm is afflicted physically, emotionally or mentally on other people as a result of human action. Violence includes social injustices such as racism and poverty (Daoust 290). Both of them are linked to popular culture. Popular culture deals with the everyday living of people as the theme reflects the lives of the common people (Browne 5). The study deals with the negative effects of the prevailing images shown by the popular culture to the increasing cases of sex and violence as the two societal problems occur in the recent years in response to what the majority people believe. ...
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Sex and Violence in Popular Culture (Name) (Subject) (Professor) (Date) Sex and Violence in Popular Culture I. Introduction 3 II. Discussion 4 III. Conclusion 6 Works Cited 8 Annotated Bibliography 10 Sex and Violence in Popular Culture Sex and violence are both prevalent issues in the society throughout history…
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