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Media Culture in Canada Introduction Canadian culture has art, music, and literature, political and social elements that represent the Canada and Canadians. Canadian’s are influenced by European culture and traditions (British & French). Canadian culture has been influenced by American culture because of migration between these two countries.


Canada has two primary languages English and French. Canada has a very unique blend of customs and traditions because of migration into its country; therefore, because of the cultural diversity it’s very necessary for the Canadian government to promote its own culture. The Canadian government faces many challenges because of its influx of citizens from European cultures and an extensive migration between America and Canada. Canada struggled immensely to protect its identity in 1920(Media Awareness Network 1). At that time, Canada introduced commercial radio broadcasting but some politicians were concerned about U.S radio programming. This concern introduced the hybrid system of broadcasting. The policy makers split this system into two parts public and private. The reason behind this division was that Canada wanted its own traditions; as time passed the Canadian government made its own broadcasting law. History Media plays one of the most powerful and important roles in building nations. Reginald Aubrey Fessenden was the first radio broadcaster in Canada; he is known as the “Father of Radio Broadcasting”. In 1906, Fessenden broadcasted his first official program. The era of media culture in Canada started in 1906 and noticeable improvements were seen within the next few years. ...
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