Critically Discuss the Impact of Social Media and Wiki's on the Concept of 'Information Freedom'

 Critically Discuss the Impact of Social Media and Wiki
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Introduction The use of digital and new media is one which is beginning to transform the way in which information is displayed and what the understanding of different realities is. When looking at social media and wikis, there is a noticed impact that is developed in terms of information which is offered to the public sphere.


The concept of information freedom is then directly attributed to the new media and the ability to have information that is easily accessible and which is providing a stronger approach to those who are interested in the ideas which are now available to individuals. This is furthered with the opposition to information freedom, specifically which is coming from the policies and questions about access to information. The result is an understanding that information freedom is a part of the revolution from social media and wikis and is transforming ideas and available information on an international level. Developing Into New Media The development into new media began to emerge with the growth into the Internet and the way in which many looked at the information available. Before the use of technology, there was a set of significant information which was presented with Television, newspapers and the print which was available to individuals within society. The approach was one which is now defined as a closed system, specifically because a smaller amount of information was available to those which were interested in the media. The information was based on both timelines and the agenda which was focused on the economic and political stance of many which were interested in the information available. ...
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