Negative Effects of Media on Children - Book Report/Review Example

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Negative Effects of Media on Children

Children are the prime audiences of the media that is full of sex and violence. Children vary in their interaction with media depending upon their personality traits, intellectual level and social class (Moyer-Guse and Riddle, 2009). TV shows frighten the girls more than boys. Media affects the cognitive development and academic performance of children. Media shows sex, stereotypes racial and ethnic groups, and shows violence. Media is responsible for 10 to 20 per cent of all cases of real violence. Normal children are affected by the violence shown in the media. It makes the children immune to violence, fearful of the world and more aggressive. A study done in 2005 found a twofold increase in the sex scenes in TV programs since 1998 (Richard, 2011). Media frequently publishes photos of nude children. An art gallery in Paddington, Sydney displayed images of child pornography. Photos of nude children published by media without hiding their faces reach the audience everywhere and the children’s image is tarnished forever (, 2008). Gay marriages make an important element of the popular culture (Robinson, 2008). They have been openly shown in the media. There have been milestones in the way of overt expression of homosexuality in the media first from 1972 to 1999 and later from 2000 to date. ...
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Literature Review There is a debate between the parents and the psychologists upon the positive and negative effects of video games upon children. There have been a lot of studies to explore the effects of media on children. In their book, Bryant and Oliver (2009) have presented a well-rounded review of the theories of violence, sex and individualism…
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