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Analysis of a Media Contested Family, Neighbourhood or Community

Tyler Clementi’s case was handled in an inconclusive manner. The consensus was still not reached as to who what was to be done to the perpetrators in this case, how should the society and the family react and the overall judicial process for bringing people to justice. According to the comments gathered from leading online sources as well as the media covering Tyler Clementi’s case, it can be gathered that it was a case of intolerance from all quarters. The perpetrators identified as Ravi and his friend circle were definitely the major culprits in their sinister acts which lead to the suicide, but equally to blame were Tyler’s parents who failed to treat Clementi’s gender disorder case with care and adequate sensitivity. From all the online commentaries and expert reviews as well as public sentiment the rhetoric can be analysed to be a sentiment that blames the entire system including the judiciary, the academic system, society and family also.

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The case being analysed here is that of Tyler Clementi. We will be analysing the discussion, texts and events after the death of Tyler Clementi the 18 year old student who committed suicide on being bullied over the web based in his sexual orientation by his ‘straight’ roommate and a group of friends in his circle. …
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