The Emerging Forms of Media vs. Traditional Forms

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The Emerging Forms of Media vs. Traditional Forms Name Course Instructor’s Name Date The Emerging Forms of Media vs. Traditional Forms Part One The primary role of media is to deliver accurate news to the public. It should not be biased in presenting the news to the people and must not be influenced by any person, group, organization or institution.


It is of utmost importance because it has an actual impact on the lives of the people. It may not generate as much ratings as the death of the major celebrity but it is a critical issue that must be addressed. The information must be disseminated to the other members of the community who may not be aware of it. It will also project an admirable image for the television network, that it is not so much concerned with the ratings but rather it is more concerned with issues that are relevant to the welfare of the people. There are a number of methods whereby information is delivered to audiences. The use of mass media such as television, radio, newspapers and magazines is the most effective method employed if the objective is to reach a large audience (Richardson, Jenkins, & Crickenberger, n.d.). Generally, the method used in delivering information to various audiences would be based on “the target audience, the educational objective, the type and content of the message being delivered, the characteristics of the delivery method and the method’s usefulness in providing the desired learning support” (Richardson, et al, n.d.). Media delivery has evolved in various forms. It is no longer confined to newspapers, magazines, television or radio. ...
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