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Critically assess the ways in which cities have sought to develop creative and cultural industries as a focus for social and cultural regeneration. Use case study examples in your discussion.


The element of creativity that has been present in the local planning structure and policies of such countries have led to the development of the cultural industries. The mangers and other business academicians have always recommended creativity for business prosperity. This creativity has culminated into success of cultural industries. Industries such as theater, television as well as software can be cited as examples of cultural industries (Hesmondhalgh, 2007, p.142). International Organizations like UNESCO have also adopted cultural policies like the Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity Initiative in 2004 in favor of these creative cities which have facilitated development of cultural industries. Establishment of schools and institutions focusing on the regions cultural music is also an instance of how cultural industries have grown over the years (Isar, 2009, p.281). Thus the sense of creativity and the region’s cultural practices has played a key role in establishing industries that focus on cultural regeneration. The current paper provides an access to the ways by which creative and cultural industries focusing on social and cultural regeneration have developed in some cities through various findings and case examples. Creativity existing within such creative cities has positively contributed to development of urbanization. Effective instruments and policy measures that have been undertaken in these cities solely concentrate on the region’s cultural practices existing within the society. ...
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