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Corporate Social Responsibility and Mass Media

The Story of Corporate Social Responsibility (2006), Dunne said that corporate social responsibility has eventually come to mean “responsiveness”. “Responsiveness” does not imply any particular action but a range of actions or range of possible responses based on a company’s perception of social or consumer needs and the company’s role in responding either to society’s or the consumers’ needs. Carroll (1999, p. 268) explained that meaning of corporate social responsibility has undergone an evolution from its “beginning in the 1950s, which marks the modern era of CSR.” Carroll (1999, p. 268) pointed out that the “alternative themes” in corporate social responsibility “included corporate social performance (CSP), stakeholder theory, and business ethics theory.” Against the Dunne (2007) viewpoint, the Carroll (1999, p. ...
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Corporate Social Responsibility and Mass Media I. Introduction The projection of adoption if not the actual practice of corporate social responsibility is an irreversible trend in many corporations today. The majority of Fortune’s top 250 corporations “are actively pursuing Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives” or CSR (Dunne 2007, p…
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