The identities shaped by online games -- World of Warcraft.

The identities shaped by online games -- World of Warcraft. Dissertation example
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Contents Chapter Two: Literature Review 1 Introduction 1 Avatar as it Becomes Part of the Community 2 Individual and the Avatar 2 Community 5 Transformation 6 Morality and Transformations of the Self 6 Social Transformation 7 Transformation and Game Change 8 Gender 9 Online Worlds 10 Socialization 12 Online Identity 12 World of Warcraft 14 Summary 15 The change that this lit review reflects focusing on identity and transformation as they relate to online game environments, specifically World of Warcraft.


The emergence of online identities is not a completely new concept. People have been creating public identities with the purpose of achieving goals throughout human existence (Wallen 1998, p. 52). However, the nature of the online persona is somewhat unique in that it is done with the intention of representing an ‘otherness’ through character and skills that would not be possible in the real world. Exploring the nature of this creation provides for a greater understanding of the concept of identity. Watslawik and Born (2007, p. 2) state that “ego psychoanalytical theory places the individual within a more or less nurturing social context, as contrast with the more confrontive view of classical theory wherein the individual is seen more as contesting society”. The nature of human interaction, according to Erikson’s theory, is in finding communities in which nurture is the primary benefit. ...
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