Systematic Text Analysis of Article: "Drinking Alcohol to Shrink"

Systematic Text Analysis of Article: "Drinking Alcohol to Shrink" Essay example
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Systematic Text Analysis of Article: Drinking Alcohol to shrink” The source of this article is from Women’s Health Magazine. The magazine is widely distributed in different locations and is a monthly publication. The publication can be purchased off of store shelves or subscribed to by subscription on a yearly or longer term basis.


This magazine has targeted its readers to be women in the age range of 18 to 35. The magazines articles are specifically researched and designed by women and for women, to attract readers from that age category and persuade them to buy the magazine because of its informative contents and entertainment value that is relevant to a female within that age division. The text of this particular article was written by a female professional who holds a dietician certification and obviously has the ability to write. The article writer has a related background in the area of the article content and is qualified to make conclusions about information in this topic are. The writer created this article; however it does cite information from other sources including research that has been done in the area of women and alcohol consumption. The cited information is from professional scientific research bodies. The text was most certainly edited by the editor of the magazine whom is also likely female. The editor has the role of deciding how the article will be written and where its placement will be within the magazine. ...
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