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HURIER Listening Self Assessment - Essay Example

Journalism & Communication
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Your F. 22 January 2012 HURIER Listening Self Assessment It was interesting to uncover the areas of listening in which I needed to improve out of the basic six components of listening that the textbook identified including Hearing, Understanding, Remembering, Interpreting, Evaluating and Responding…

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HURIER Listening Self Assessment

However, my actual lowest area was Interpreting rather than Evaluating which came in next to last. I guess I knew myself better than I realized and can recognize that I am good at remembering and recalling but have other areas to work on. In actuality, I recognize that I am good at remembering things and as far as my educational setting, I am definitely better at listening than I am a visual learner. When scoring myself on the HURIER self-assessment of listening, I was hard on myself. I never gave myself a single five-point score on any of the questions which correlated with the “almost always” answer. However, I also never gave myself a one-rating on anything either which correlated with “almost never.” My scoring instead, I mostly gave myself primarily '4' ratings that coordinated with the “usually” response. I think in some ways that not giving myself any '5' ratings indicates that I acknowledge that I am not the best listener, and I would guess hardly anyone would be so hard on themselves to honestly say that they “almost never...” do something (whatever that something is) in accordance to listening. ...
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