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The ability to have a strong web presence is one which is able to provide a difference in functioning to businesses. The expansion into a global market and the legitimacy of a professional company is one which is specifically based on the alternatives to build an online portal where individuals can determine what is needed.


When looking at various companies, it can be seen that there isn’t the ability to create the right image, leaving to a lack of representation with the online company. Draco Corp is an example of a company which has several branches and business interests worldwide. It works as a multinational company that is able to product and sell consumer electronics to a global market. However, the lack of a website is one which is creating difficulties when working against competitors and into an international field. Finding a different way to manage and change the online presence will also make a change in the functions of Draco Corp while allowing their global presence to move forward internationally.
1.1 Problem Statement
Draco Corp is known internationally for selling consumer products with the focus of electronics. However, the world is now turning to technology and online portals to gather information, order from portals and to define what is needed from a business. It is now known that the basic business dynamics are located and expanding to move online, specifically because of the consumer demand to find the level of legitimacy of a company and to evaluate the products which are used from those that are online. At the same time, most consumers are aware of the needed elements of a website to ensure the proper growth and to understand what the reputation of a company is. ...
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