New Media & International Communcation (Summary of Reading)

 New Media & International Communcation (Summary of Reading) Essay example
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The concepts that are linked to R. Williams article on technology and culture is one which challenges the reader with the belief that technology is a natural part of the evolution of culture. It is the belief that television is one which has developed specifically because of the demands in society.


The author is able to describe how television and technology continue to evolve with self – generating forms through mediums such as new enhancements to movies and demands from individuals that are interested in watching the television. Opinion of Reading The main concept which Williams uses in the article is one which draws logical conclusions about the idea of technology and television and how it has evolved. The concept of television and technology becoming a natural part of evolution while meeting new needs in society can be seen and determined with the approach which Williams uses. The main point which can be seen as true, as well as the main strength of the reading, comes from the idea that this was the next step in technology and science. While there may have been components which were altered by inspiration or the desire to create something new, there were also several ideals which led to the evolution of technology with the television as the next step for society and specific needs. ...
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