Advancements in the Humanities: Worldwide Web/ Internet

Advancements in the Humanities: Worldwide Web/ Internet Essay example
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“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow”.~Bill Gates The invention of the internet is touted as the single most remarkable inventions of all times,since it has revolutionized the contemporary lifestyles.


It has brought about significant changes in the manner in which we perceive the world around us, by enabling sharing of information at our doorsteps. It has transcended the physical geographical boundaries leading to the creation of a virtual space, thus practically creating an eighth continent and serving as a platform for information interchange for global citizens. This paper on Advancement of Humanities aims to explore and assess the key role played by the World Wide Web in influencing wide ranging advancements in the field of humanities and its impact on the contemporary lives of people across the globe. Thesis Statement: Advancement of the humanities facilitated by the invention of the internet and its role in transforming the world around us The revolutionary tool invented by Tim Berners-Lee, at CERN - The European organization for Nuclear Research, in the year 1989. He was involved in the computing services section and was deliberating on establishing a process or a platform that would enable the physicists and researchers from across the globe and working on remote sites to co-ordinate and participate in the information sharing. He first suggested the idea that such large pool of data can be uploaded and downloaded from personal computers via a system of networking. Pursuing this idea, he was able to successfully develop the first ever hypertext communication system which was implemented on December 25, 1990. ...
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