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Systems of Power

The opening scene of the movie provides a case study for one extreme form of listening – that in the operating room, which has definite needs and interesting power imbalances which stem from several distinct sources of responsibility and power which operate in the rom. A close examination of the opening scene of The Doctor can demonstrate an extreme setting and system of listening, which creates a significant power imbalance and could be rectified through small changes in environment and participation. One of the most commonly analyzed listening environments is the listener-focused on. This kind of listening environment focuses heavily on the listener’s perspective and opinion of the interaction (Brownell 40). This kind of environment features such things as school presentations, speeches, business presentations or marriage proposals. The opening scene of The Doctor features the polar opposite of this listening environment – rather than focusing on what the listener hears, this scene nearly entirely concentrates on what the speaker says significantly discounting other voices or perceptions. ...Show more


Systems of Power, Expertise and Their Relation to Listening in The 1991 Film The Doctor As described in Listening: Attitudes, Principles and Skills by Judi Brownell, there are many forms and methods of listening, and the expectations of both the speaker and the listener are vastly different depending upon systemic elements that influence the course of the speaking and the listening…
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Systems of Power Essay essay example
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