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Communication, Gender, & Sex Kivel (1984) approaches the issue of gender from a perspective where there is a stereotype placed on boys or males to be touch and rigid. Even though there is a general biological undertaking that boys are generally muscular and hard in body, the writer refuses to understand why the biological features of boys be forced to be transformed into their social dimension of behavior.


Those who try to be exempted from this way of life are often ridiculed and humiliated because of their decision to opt out of the order. It is for the reason that boys are forced to belong to the order of toughness that the writer hold the opinion the whole system has generated into a stereotype. The second derivation of the name ‘box’ given by the customer has its reasons from the fact that the compulsion given to males to be touch is carried around on a 24 hour basis. This is to say that the practice does not end in a day. Another perception is given by the writer in his text in the context of cultural differences. The writer makes the point that even though boys all around the world are touted to be tough the rate of toughness and compulsion varies with different cultures. The advocacy that the writer assigns to the text is that the need for boys to be in control should not be mistaken for the need to be violent. The second writer, Hur (2011) writes on the topic “Why I am a Male Feminist. As the title suggests, the writer uses the article to explain her reasons for taking the position of a feminist even though he is a male. The article is a typical narrative of the real life experience of the writer. ...
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