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Component One: Application of a Key Concept to a Media Text

71-72). Mass production and photographic representation (advertisements) have modified human experience to the extent that “Irreality no longer belongs to the dream or phantasm…but to the hallucinatory resemblance of the real itself” (ibid, p. 72). In post-modern era, “reality” is identified only when it is mimeographed through cloning or simulation; while truth is interceded and manipulated in a manner where present genre of humans fail to differentiate between imaginary and real world, a condition termed as “hyper-reality” (ibid, pp.70-76). In the context of artificially creating a condition of reality, the best-known example is that of DeBeers where the tagline, “a diamond is forever” is known to have attached a false sense of value to a simple carbonated rock particle. The nature of their success had always attracted me to study the concept of simulation and hyper-reality, and comprehend how media can manipulate to erase the basic line between fantasy and reality, and create a false sense of value. ...
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‘A diamond is forever’: an analysis of how a single phrase redefined the value and perception of diamonds through simulation and hyper-reality in DeBeers advertising case Introduction “What if God himself can be simulated, that is to say can be reduced to the signs that constitute faith?…
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