Media in the social media age : News analysis and media management plan

Media in the social media age : News analysis and media management plan Essay example
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Media in the Social Media Age: News Analysis and Media Management Plan As Command PR prepares to launch season 2 of its famous The Spin Crowd reality show in the EMEA region on June 22, 2012, the company management ought to prepare for the show’s reception, considering the criticism it received during the first season.


Proactive Plan Integrated Plan for Industrial Mass Media and Social Media Activity The company should use all available avenues in the EMEA region to advertise the show before its release; including traditional media and contemporary media. Traditional media in the EMEA region include television and billboards, the former having two categories, pay TV and free TV. The agencies in those regions should contact both the service providers and content providers to ensure that adverts for the show appear in the evening just after prime news for maximum publicity. In addition, they should contact advertising firms and rent billboards for use in the two week period before the launch (Clow and Baack 2007, pp. 165-171; Kurtz 2010, p. 64). Internet powered media like social networks, blogs and internet advertisements should serve as suitable channels for informing the public of the show. The firm will open pages for the show in all main social networks, and the cast will interact directly with their fans. Secondly, there will be a blog whose main function will be to receive the people who have been redirected from website advertisements. ...
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