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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: GEORGE ORWELL’S 1984 Introduction The story starts in the year 1984 in airstrip one, the mainland of the vast country called Oceania. The country is governed by the party, which is led by a body known as the big brother. The book is narrated in third person and Winston smith is depicted as the protagonist.


(Orwell 1984) It is suicidal to have a diary as there are cameras and microphones all over to spy on the workers. Orwell image of the future describes a boot and its stamping in detail description that sends chills to the pessimistic and optimistic individuals in life. Thos book can change the present society to strive for the better. (Orwell 1984) Orwell portrays good discipline and his Foucault of double thinking which is not restricted by the society in Oceania. In the book, he says that proles are natural inferiors who should keep in helplessness just like animals. This could be done through the application of minor rules of governance. Double thinking is almost a depiction of how the European enforced their colony on the planet, and the way they tend to dominate economically of poorer countries. In my view, double thinking is seen in women with certain attitudes and double standards. (Orwell 1984) From the smell of cabbage in Winston’s apartment, to the political architecture with powers, the whole range of human experiences is here. Winston Smith is at the center of the novel, where we learn of his strange romance and love life with Julia. He tells Julia that he does not like goodness and purity. Catharsis and social control is seen as Winston and Julia participate in the two minute hate session. ...
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